Morphine, Peace Prize & the Transkei

11 Oct

News of the day:

A friend of mine has returned home with her beautiful 10-month old daughter, whom she adopted last week. They might have met only 8 days ago, mother and daughter seem to be head over heels in love with each other and inseparable. The way this little girl who was abandoned over half a year ago, reducing her chances to a future, looks at her mom is simply indescribably beautiful and heart warming.

Tweets of the day:

@DailyMaverick: Codeine’s bad rep: should it be banned? Apparently codeine infused pain killers are bad for you, and may even be fatal. Although the number of fatalities is quite low, I have decided to ditch my stash of Myprodols. The thought of morphine in my body simply does not appeal to me.

@BreakingNews: Wife Nobel Peace Prize winner says police forcing her to leave Beijing:
The reports come a few hours after Xiaobo, a Chinese dissident who was detained in December 2008 his participation with the Charter 08. Signed by hundreds of Chinese intellectuals and human rights activists, the manifesto calls for political reforms, democratisation, freedom of the press and speech in China.  In June 2009 Xiaobo was arrested and charged with inciting subversion of state power, and thrown in jail for 11 years.

Photo of the day:

My photo of the day was taken in the Transkei last month during a media trip organised by Fair Trade Tourism South Africa. The girl on the picture lives near the Bulungula Lodge, by far one of my favourite spots along the Eastern Cape wild coast. It is one of the most powerful portraits I have ever shot. For more images of the Transkei and South Africa, please click here.


Photo: Miriam Mannak


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