Singing fossils, mineworkers & hungry tummies

11 Oct

News of the day:

Some news is no news. The fact that Neil Diamond is coming to South Africa in April 2011 for a series of concerts, for instance. Whoo-peeh-dooh. The development has left the South African press, from online to radio and everything in between, jumping for joy. The worst thing is: I have never heard as many Neil Diamond songs in as I did in the past, say, 3 hours as in in my entire life. The practically fossilized country singer, who should be playing Jeux de Boule or  crocket at an old age home instead of touring the world, has decided to  treat Johannesburg (FNB Stadium, April 2), Cape Town (April 11), Durban (April 5) and Port Elisabeth ( April 8) to some of his favourite tunes. “It will be the greatest concerts South Africa will ever see”, a radio DJ told his listeners this afternoon. I certainly hope not. That would be just utterly sad.

Tweets of the day:

@NUnl: Congo hongerigste land ter wereld:
According to the Global Hunger Index (WHI) people living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are the hungriest in the whole wide world. Yes, that is right. Despite the fact the country in terms of natural resources is one of the richest countries on the planet, people living there die en masse because they simply do not have enough food to survive.Other countries where hunger levels have reached severe levels are Burundi, Eritrea and Chad. For more information about the WHI, please click here. And please think before your toss half the content of your dinner plate in the garbage bin. Because throwing away food is so unnecessary.
@bbcworld: Chile escape shaft lining ‘ready’
After two long months, the end of the rescue operation of the 33 Chilean mine workers who got trapped in a mine in San Jose, seems near. According to Murray & Roberts, the South African company which has been involved in drilling an emergency shaft to get the Chilean mine workers out, the final stage of the rescue operation will start this coming Wednesday. The Chilean mine workers are lucky in that respect. All round the world and every year hundreds of mine workers die in accidents and human errors.  In China for instance, 2631 coal miners died in 2009, down 18% from the previous year.

Photo of the day

I took this picture in Ghana, during the Third Highlevel Forum on the Effectiveness of Development Aid which took place in Accra in 2008.


photography: Miriam Mannak


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