Thinking of South Africa’s mineworkers

13 Oct

Thought of the day #2

One of my buddies made quite a profound good point. While South Africa’s has its eyes locked on the impressive rescue of the 33 mine workers from Chile, which started 69 days after the men got trapped 600 meter underground, the Rainbow Nation seems to have forgotten about the plight of  its own mine workers.

Over the past weeks, several South African mine workers died whilst on duty. A sad sad situation. With these men losing their lives their dependents – an average mine worker in South Africa supports between 6 and 9 people – are being deprived of an income.

Last week, two men died during two accidents at two different mines owned by Gold Fields. In the first week of July, 7 mine workers died in one accident in a mine near Rustenburg. In September, a mine workers died in an AngloGold mine. And so the list continues, on and on and on. Of course, the mine worker fatality situation in South Africa is nothing compared to China where over a 1000 mineworkers died last year. This however does not make the South African situation acceptable or – even worse – normal and not worth talking ab out.

So dear fellow South Africans, while you are crying over those 33 Chilean mine workers that are being brought to the surface, which truly is a marvelous event, take a moment to commemorate your own brave country men who are losing and have lost their lives due to (y)our insatiable hunger for gold, diamonds, platinum, and coal.

Thanks Ronald, for hitting the nail firmly on its head.


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