Chilean mineworkers: What would you do?

13 Oct

Thought of the day

They are free! After a period of over 2 months, the 33 Chilean mineworkers who were entrapped underground at a depth of 600 meter have been rescued! Amazing, truly genuinely amazing. To think that these guys, all employees of the San Jose mine, were considered dead and that mourning was underway when they, 17 days after the shaft’s collapse, managed to push a note to the earth’s surface. It makes you wonder whether there is a god after all. Can you imagine, being entrapped at such depth for weeks on end, with nothing but the dark and the smell of soil, sweat and murky water? My questions therefore is: what would you do if you were one of the Chilean mine workers who were rescued today? Some responses of my facebook friends:

  • Shaz D: hug family and find familiar fast food
  • Jennifer C: Find a therapist
  • Valerie F: hug family, take a bath, go to hospital to get checked out
  • Stephanie N: Hug family and then look for a bath.
  • Ronald K: check my e-mail and facebook posts lol
  • Stephanie N: … and a toothbrush
  • Miriam M: I’d hug family and friends, and go for some decent grub. And perhaps a beer. And then sleep sleep sleep sleep.
  • Glenda N: And soak in a very long very hot bath with all the trimmings!
  • Gail J: Good coffee!
  • Juriaan R: Shower and a shag
  • Aeshya K: Start writing that memoir!
  • Judy vd W: shag and a shower
  • Patrick vd M: Hug my 3 familys wich they seem to have and then contact an agent for the book and- or movierights
  • Meindert H: hug family. shower. shower again. take a bath with a sixpack of beers. sleeeeeeeeeeep. demand compensation. never go to work again.
  • Donald P: @Judy: yup and then get a good literary agent…
  • Charles K: “Bang my girlfriend and kill Chris Griffin” 😉
  • Karin S: Blink in the bright light and ask for my sunglasses. Find family and hug. Apologise that I am stinky and ask for a bath (yes, i would really apologise, how sad is that?). Cold coke and a fag. Huge plate of tasty food and lots of chocolate. Sleep. THEN shag. Then run on the mountain. THEN shower (cos bath and shower are different pleasures). No, actually, the chocolate must happen in the bath. Geez Miriam! What an interesting question – makes you think about all your priorities.
  • Michiel S: Cry and be happy!
  • Dominic L:  go on holiday with 32 women
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