U2 touring South Africa & Zulu baby brides

14 Oct

Rumour of the day

U2, the best band of all times and of the universe and beyond, is coming to South Africa for a series of concerts. Well, that is what is being whispered on Twitter. Big Concerts has not confirmed anything so far, and is keeping its lips sealed. It is therefore a tad early to jump for joy.

The last time the guys of U2 gave a concert in South Africa was somewhere in the 1990s, which – frankly – has been a while. Since then Bono and his band have skipped South Africa during their world tours. The non-existence of a suitable concert venue has been blamed for this. Well, South Africa has 11 top-notch, world class stadiums now, so that excuse will no longer fly, I guess.

As far as the rumours go: more and more people have come forward with very promising messages:

* Friend 1 (Facebook) – No rumour. Have a mate who does the fences and entrance control at the events and he has been booked for U2!!!!!!!!!

* Friend 2 (twitter): Just confirmed from an independent source, who says Feb 2011.

* Friend 3(Facebook): yes the concert is in feb tickets go on sale 23 oct

Tweet of the day

GlendaN: Hear King Goodwill introduced the baby to the legislature today. She’s the elusive Swazi bride, apparently. Her parents are ‘excited’.
In general, people should respect someone’s culture. If you go to a Mosque rather than a church: fine. If you per definition won’t eat veal in a cream sauce: fine. If you slaughter a cow during weddings and other festivities: fine. If you like to have several wives instead of one partner: fine.
But some times thing go a bit too far. Take King Goodwill from Zululand, for instance. At the age of 55 the traditional Monarch, who has half a dozen of wives already, will be tying the knot a 14-year old girl child from Swaziland. Beg your pardon, you must have misunderstood! You surely meant fourty? No Zola Mafu just reached the tender of fourteen, as in “one – four”. Her parents have said to be excited. Sick bastards. How can you be happy thinking of your baby girl, because that is what Zola is, lying in bed with a 55-year old creep with peadophilic tendencies? The reason for their happiness is probably of a financial matter. I am sure that the lobola will be substantial and since Swaziland is one of the poorest countries in the world … I just wonder what this poor girl must think and feel, as I doubt whether she has a genuine choice. How can a child that young say no to both her parents and a King?
Before you say: hey you whitey, you do not understand. This is Zulu culture and therefore you as a European are not allowed to judge. I agree: It is their culture, alright. But a culture – whether black, white or purple – can never ever be used as an excuse to condone a criminal act. Because that is what this is: a crime.
Like in most parts of the world, adults in South Africa having sexual relations with people at young as Zola is a crime – whether she agrees to having sex with him or not (marriage will lead to sex, period). Why? This is to protect the child. Children often have not the strength to say ‘no’ to adults, whom they often perceive as superior.
Besides: if I am locked up for having sex with a 14 year old (only the thought makes me cringe), why is King Goodwill given the go ahead?
“Because it is his culture,” the reply would be. “It has bene like this for the past centuries”.  Well, my reply would be that cultures need to move on sometimes. Otherwise witch burning in Europe and throwing Christians for the lions in Rome would still be a thing of the present.

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