Can we let the Chilean miners be, please?

15 Oct

Thought of the day

First Chilean miner reached surface. First Chilean miner hugs president. First Chilean miner kisses wife., First Chilean miner receives iPod and Oakley glasses. First Chilean miner in hospital. First Chilean miner out of hospital. First Chilean miner at home. First Chilean miner farts in the open air. First miner shags wife and mistress. First miner gets contract with Hollywood. First miner goes to church …

Do not get me wrong: I absolutely love the fact these 33 mine workers from Chile have been rescued and are safe and sound. Fantastic news. Bravo. Fabulous. But can we – please – move on now? Please? Thanks. There are so many more interesting and pressing facts to report on. The fact that Congo  soldiers rape women like there is no tomorrow, for instance. Or that 25% of South African detective have not received proper training. Or that World Health Organisation has come up with a ew plan to fight TB , a disease which kills about 2million people every year worldwide including scores of people infected with HIV.

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