Super typhoon Megi & Zuma’s fat cat nephew

18 Oct

News of the day

Earlier this year, Mother Nature struck with a merciless vengeance in Pakistan. Monster floods killed over 1500 people, and displaced millions. In addition, millions of hectares of crops were washed away, plunging the country in a food crisis of note. Villages were submerged, roads and bridges were destroyed, and thousands of flood victims  were subjected to disease.  A genuine human tragedy which will be felt for the years to come.

While Pakistan is trying to overcome the destruction that happened earlier this year, the Philippines have been crushed by Megi (local name: Juan). With wind speeds of 140 miles per hour, this super typhoon struck land early this morning. It is uncertain how much damage Megi has caused, but according to the authorities in the Phlippines it is the strongest typhoon in four years.

Tweet of the day

@GlendaN: Why does fat Zuma nephew need 19 cars? In SA, where half the population goes to bed hungry. And this is OK? No class, pure trash.
Khulubuse Zuma, one of the nephews of South African president Jacob Zuma, has lost thousands of rands due to a television con. Some would call this a classic case of karma in the first degree. Earlier this year, the media reported how Khulubuse and his business partner – the grandson of Nelson Mandela Zondwa- chronically failed to pay their mine workers. Both men stear  Aurora Empowerment Systems, which last year took over Pamodzi Gold’s two liquidated mines.
As we speak, most of the 2000-odd mine workers have not received a salary for the past eight months. “We can;t afford to pay them”, is the excuse. After the take over, Aurora got into financial trouble due to miscalculations. However, in the meantime Khulubuse is splashing around money like there is no tomorrow.
R72.000. That was for instance the total bill of a party thrown by Zuma’s nephew a few months ago. According to recent reports, Khulubuse is the proud owner of 19 luxury cars. Not Polos, Citi Golfs and old bashed up beetles but Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and Mercedes-Benzes. In the meantime, his employees are waiting to be paid. Another day in South Africa. I truly love this country like if it were my own, but it is stories like these that simply piss me off. I wish karma would have been a bit nastier.

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