Litter of 8 could have been litter of 12

19 Oct

‘What the hell?’ of the day

I love kids. I truly love them. Maya, the daughter of my friend Sofia, is my all-time favourite mini human in the whole wide world. For various reasons, she is a very very special creature to me and I hope I can always and forever be her aunty. The same counts for other kiddies produced by friends and relatives, of course. But Maya is just simply special. So yes, I love kids and one day I hope to cough up some of my very own meenee-meehs.

Well, two of them – max. I refuse to be a baby factory as I’d like to maintain a slither of my life, if possible. I know from mommy friends this is a difficult task with just one baba, but we can always have hopes and goals can we?

Can you imagine what it (=life & boobs) will be like with three or four or seven children? Personally, I do not even want to think about it as that sounds like utter hell to me. That means that triplets, for instance, are NOT on my wish list. They are not and they never will be. Period. Me, selfish bitch? Perhaps. What ever. Sue me. That is how I feel.

Some women are completely the opposite of me. They want to have as many babies as they can possibly get. Fine, its their life and their boobs. I personally want to try to maintain both of them in some way or another. Before you roll your eyes and prepare for the mother of all sighs: I know very well from my mommy friends what a difficult task this is, even with just one babatjie. I am however an ambitious chick with hopes and dreams so please don’t bash them. Anyway – back to Nadya with her soccer squad. And the doctor is co-responsible for this freak of nature. Why? He implanted no less than twelve embryos into Nadya’s womb. Twelve! This while the limit is six. *point index finger at forehead*

I am baffled. I am. Not only because this doctor’s stupidity but because Madya already had six children. Which sane single woman – she does not have a partner – would want to have more than six children? Where will she put them? How will she feed them? How does she remember their names? Can you imagine the mountain of rubbish she’s responsible for? Newborns use between 5 and 8 nappies each and every day. Eight babies = between 40 and64 nappies each and every day. Personally, I think she should be subjected to paying some kind of a green tax to make up for it. If there is something that is not good to Miss Planet, it is disposable nappies. And the doctor, he should be paying too. I mean – it is also partially his fault.

Look, everyone should do what ever they feel is good for them and if that includes producing a massive family: what ever. Be my guest. It your life and boobs, not mine. And luckily I am not your neighbour. But this touches on slightly mad and unethical side. From am environmental and medical (this simply cannot be healthy) point of view. Among other things.

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