Openly gay soldiers & shooting mineworkers

20 Oct

News  of the day

China’s quest for natural resources could be good news for Africa. While the continent in terms of natural wealth the richest region in the world, it is also the poorest in terms of absolute poverty levels. China’s interest in Africa and what it has to offer might (with emphasis on ‘might’ as in ‘theoretically’) bring in more revenue, improve job creation, uplift infrastructure and therefore trigger much-needed development. The problem is that China does not seemed to be too fussed about proper labour and human rights or the environment. Over the past years various stories about Chinese managers abusing and maltreating their African staff have made headlines. The latest incident concerns  two Chinese mine managers who – during a work dispute – opened fire on 11 Zambian mineworkers. That’s right: they shot them.

The incident took place last week in a coal mine in Zambia’s southern district of Sinazongwe, situated 300 kilometers of its capital, Lusaka. According to the authorities Xiao Li Shan and Wu Jiu Hua allegedly shot and wounded 11 miners after they locked horns because of – what a surprise – pay and working conditions. Chinese employers are not famous for paying well.

It is said that in this same mine, 22 miners were injured in June this year. Reason: poor safety measurements. As a result, the Zambian government shut down the mine for a few weeks.

Tweet of the day

@hinddotpk:News Update US army accepting gay applicants, but there’s a catch (NDTV News)
The United States of America, while being the land of the free, home of the brave and the world’s largest democracy, has finally allowed people who are openly gay to join the army. While homosexuals were allowed to join the army previously, there was a strict policy of keeping their sexuality under the radar. The changes apparently are not permanent as the ‘don’t tell and don’t ask’ can be reinstated later. “Recruiters have been given guidance, and they will process applications for applicants who admit they are openly gay or lesbian,” she told AFP. “Recruiters are reminded to set the applicants’ expectations by informing them that a reversal in the court’s decision of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law/policy may occur,” an official said in an email. 

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One response to “Openly gay soldiers & shooting mineworkers

  1. hoh

    December 20, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    “finally allowed people who are openly gay to join the army” –
    only because they need more cannon/bomb fodder – if they weren’t at war i’m sure this wouldn’t have happened


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