Living abroad (over Dec hols) aint for sissies

24 Nov

Living abroad on your ace can be a tricky affair sometimes, especially with the December Holidays coming up. Earning South African ronds and with flight prices going through the roof in the last month of the year, traveling to the land of tulips and windmills and dagga and right wing politicians in December is not a financially viable option. Think figures of three zeros that are followed by one of even two digits. I do have savings but I really do not feel like spending them on a flight I could get for half the price when I wait a few months. In addition, life in Europe is far from cheap. It is effing expensive, actually! In addition: I do not like the cold.

Another reason why I did not want to dig into my savings and go bankrupt was because I wanted to be with my Significant Other. His crazy brother was supposed to come over, and was looking forward meeting him too. Apparently the two form quite an interesting pair from all the drunken pictures I’ve seen, he he he 🙂

The wee problem is that Better Half now has to travel to the arse-end of the planet for work. It happened to have happened out of the blue, and he did not plan it. It is however  an offer he simply can’t refuse. From the moment he told me I knew, I realised, and grasped the fact he ‘had to go’. Rationally and emotionally. Nevertheless I was not a happy chappy with the news as from my own personal point of view being alone for Christmas (a holiday I not particularly like in the first place as I do not have family around) was not what I had in mind.

I guess it all felt a bit daunting. I could see myself sitting on my balcony with a slice of cold pizza and a bottle of cheap wine, on my own and with my cats (<- Cat Lady supreme De Luxe edition). Why? Everyone I know is gone. Friend I & K are going to Morocco, Friend G will be in Thailand, friend E will be in the UK, friend S is no longer part of the friendship equation, friends J will be with family God knows where and the same counts for friend SH – who just had a baby boy and will be too busy to have another guest. Besides, she will be with her inlaws – people I hardly know. Friend D will be going to Nature’s Valley. There had been an invite but I had declined it based on the prior situation. And so the list continues. Basically everyone I know will have gone AWOL by the time Santa and his cronies arrive in the Cape.

Luckily he’d be back for New Year’s Eve. Then he mentioned he is probably staying until after New Year’s Eve as bother (who lives where Better half has to go) has changed his mind and asked him to stay. Keeping it short: I was not happy, I have to admit. Spending both Christmas and New Year’s Eve on my own was well … you can fill in the dots.

“It is what it is”, I was told by various people in the meantime, including – now – myself. So I managed to get my shit together and move on. Okay, it took me a day and a half, but hey. Never said I am quick (sorry #2, baby!).

Look, it still sucks, sure, and I will miss him in December. But as a friend of mine said “it is really not the end of the world”. (No, thát is where hé is going to – har har har). In the end it is a fantastic opportunity for him, which he deserves to the fullest and worked for damn hard. So deep down in side, I feel a tad guilty about feeling sad and stuff, but have also been told it is normal to feel sad about not spending the Hols with your better half. And luckily Better Half is not holding it against me, as far as I know. I am sure he was annoyed though, which I can also understand.

Moving on was also facilitated by a re-invite from Friend D, to spend New Year’s Eve with him and mutual friends in Nature’s Valley. Initially the invite was for both me and Better Half, but I guess it will just be me.

Nature’s Valley is one of the most spectacular places in the country, so I am actually pretty excited again about New Year’s Eve. Whoop-Whoop! It is not perfect, as you can gather, but it is as perfect as it is going to get and that more then fine by me 🙂 Thanks D!

And Christmas? We will see what happens over Christmas, as I have received an invite or two. So all ends good, it seems.


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3 responses to “Living abroad (over Dec hols) aint for sissies

  1. Donald Paul

    November 25, 2010 at 8:03 am

    There’s still fun to be had.


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