My Talented Friends: Mel, the Jewelry Queen

14 Jan

I have been blessed by the friendships of some seriously talented people. From time to time I would like to use this blog to put one of them in the spot lights, simply because they deserve it. This week it is Mel’s turn.

I have known Mel Andreev since we studied at the University from Amsterdam. Because of among other things our similar backgrounds (growing up in various different places, for instance) we hit it off pretty much straight away. This was over ten years ago, and despite my decision to move to South Africa I am very happy to say that our friendship is still very much alive.

Mel – I am sorry if I make you blush, chica – is some seriously talented chick, ladies and gentlemen! And she is damn brave too, as she gave up her full-time job to follow her heart: to start her own hand-made jewelry company called ‘A Country called M‘. I know how hard and difficult and nerve wrecking it is to give up the certainty of a steady job to run your own show. It is scary, frightening, and far from easy. But she did it and pulled it off at the same time.

Today, after visiting her website for the first time in weeks, I again realized how good Mel is in what she does What I saw actually made me feel quite small, I must say. I mean – constructing coherent sentences is an art, sure, but making jewellery is a completely different ball game. Apart from the ‘Country Called M collections of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces’ Mel specializes in custom-made jewelry too. I did not know this ( and neither did I know you worked with diamond too, my friend!).

I guess now know where to go if I want something no one else has, har har 🙂

Mel would not be Mel is she would not tie work with supporting a good cause. I do not know her otherwise. She has always been aware of the fact that there are many people out there who need help and assistance, and who are not as fortunate as us Europeans. A Country Called M therefore donates part of its profits to various charitable organizations, including SOS Children’s Villages.

This international organization, which I know very well, works with children who are forced to grow up without their parents by making sure that these youngsters are able to grow up in a loving family. I live in a country where close to 1.5 million children have lost one or both parents die to HIV/AIDS alone. It is heartbreaking. To keep a long story short: I support SOS Children’s Village with all my heart. Thanks Mel, for doing the same 🙂

You can follow Mel on Twitter – @melandreev

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One response to “My Talented Friends: Mel, the Jewelry Queen

  1. Mel

    January 21, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Dear Miriam,
    You certainly have mastered the art of constructing coherent sentences in my humble opinion to perfection :o)
    Thank you for the lovely words, I did blush indeed and a couple of tears rolled, too… aaaah…
    Erik quote: “She is right, in every word. And it’s out there to read for the whole world.”

    I am very lucky to have you as a friend. You talented, beautiful & crazy soul, you 😉

    Big hug,
    da chica


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