Hiking at the crack of yawn, I mean dawn

16 Feb

Those of you who know me might be aware of the fact that I am not exactly a morning person. Far from. Unless there is (real, strong) coffee involved interacting with me before – as I said – 8am is usually a bit of a futile exercise. I must admit I have gotten better in being socially responsive and less of a grump before that particular time of day (no scientific proof available to support this particular statement as yet. We are working on that). There is however room for improvement, so I have been told.

It is needless to say that I was not sure whether signing up for a Pre Valentine’s Day Breakfast hike op Lion’s Head at the crack of bloody dawn on Sunday was a good idea. It meant that I had to wake up at – wait for it – 4.45 in order to start the hike at 5.30am. Enough said.

Of course I overslept. My alarm was set at 4.45, but for weekdays – thus I was still very much fast asleep when  my partner in crime Beverley called me to say she was waiting downstairs to pick me up (Obviously Bono’s With or Witout You woke me up at 4.45am this morning, on Monday, as I forgot to change my alarm. Small detail).

While on our way to Lion’s Head, we both silently confessed that we were not sure why we were awake instead of tucked in a duvet. This changed when we saw the view over the city. As a photograph (well, some do) says more than a a quadrillion of words, I have included a photograph.

copyright: Miriam Mannak (all rights reserved)

In the hindsight, waking up at stupid hour was so worth it. Think pancakes and fruit salad on top of Lion’s head with some of the best views imaginable. Please go to the Facebook group for an impression.

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