U2, here I cooooooOOOOOOOoOOooome!

17 Feb

Okay, so I was not one of those people queuing for a ticket for U2’s concert in Cape Town tomorrow, 18 February. Call me a lousy U2 fan – what ever. I was honestly, really not in the mood to wake up at the crack of yawn and most probably end up empty-handed. Because that, lovely readers, is what usually happens with me when I want to go to a U2 concert. Or any concert, as a matter of fact. Heard about Murphy’s Law? It seems to be my middle name. Pleased to meet you.

In 2000, U2 set their feet on Dutch soil for a concert or two (Elevation Tour). Being a U2 fan, thus determined to get hold of one of those precious tickets, I queued up way before the crack of yawn. There I was, standing in line while being on the phone with the local Ticket Line (“Please hold, your call is important to us. There are the 365th person in line”).

All hell broke loose – deep down inside of course (I am not a morning person, but to let it rip is not my style) – when twenty minutes after the ticket sales kicked off, everything was sold out.

A week or so later, more tickets were made available. yay! So there I was again – waiting in line together with hundreds of other U2 fans and on the phone. “I will succeed this time,” I genuinely believed. Unfortunately, the Universe was not my side and decided differently: I was five people away from the cashier when they announced all tickets were sold out.

In the end I did manage to go to the concert – one of the best ones I have ever seen. A dear friend of mine knew about my plight and decided to buy an extra ticket – knowing I would buy it. And so I did.

Back to U2 in Cape Town. I have bought a ticket! Through Gumtree! Yes, it is more expensive but who cares? Had a great month work wise so I am allowed to spoil myself a bit, don’t you think? The best thing is, apart form the concert, is that I did not have to queue at some silly hour.


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