2011’s First Two Months: So Far so Great

21 Feb

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts 2010 for me was a bit of a waste of time, energy, calender paper and thus trees. Apart from a few highlights here and there, the previous year was t tad if a bitch of a year – one I gladly buried when the clock struck midnight on January 31 2010.

Anyways – in the meantime two months have passed and it is time to take stock. My verdict with regards to 2011: So Far, So Great. This is why:

1) Old friends: My friends have been awesome when it comes to helping me with dealing with the aftermath of 2010. If it were not for them, I think the current situation would be slightly different. Thank you guys,  you truly rock my world!

2) New friends: I have met great new friends over the past 2 months, and other friendships were significantly strengthened. Welcome to my humble little world guys and gals!

3) Da Beach: Over the past weeks, I have spent significant amounts of time on the beach. It is truly the best way to conclude the day and to recharge the batteries for the next day. The sand in between my toes, sun setting over the ocean, a whiff of sunscreen, the taste of salt, crunching and. my teeth, a game or two of Frisbee, a glass of wine or a cold beer, chatting to friends, laughing, meeting strangers, staying hours after the sunset … So far, my favourite 2011 memories have sprouted on the beach.

4) Work #1: Work wise, things in 2011 have been absolutely PHENOMENAL. Business Live / I-Net Bridge in January asked me to be part of their 2011 Mining Indaba Team, and offered me a flat week rate instead of a word rate.  The best part, apart form writing some great stories, was to work with people I had been corresponding with via email for the past year.

5) Work #2: This month, a representative from UNICEF (based in Haiti) asked me whether I’d be interested in helping her out by writing a short report on UNICEF’s achievements and actions in post-earthquake Haiti. A tremendous honor and fabulous opportunity, if I say so myself. I worked in the report (±12 pages) for 3 days flat. It was a challenge, but in the end my client  told me she was very satisfied.

6) U2 concert: Sjooh, the U2 concert on February 18, 2010 in Cape Town was fantastic. Mind blowing, really. Goosebumps when Bono and the 70.000 fans sang Amazing Grace, in remembrance of those who died of, are infected and affected by HIV. Goosebumps when U2 sang ‘You Never walk alone’. Goosebumps when Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Bono sang One. Geez, what a show!!!

So yes, in short, apart from a few hiccups here and there and dealing with some of the aftermath of the 2010 crap – 2011 has been very very kind to me. Loving it . I am feeling ‘me’ again. It has been a while. So dear 2011: Please keep it up, will ya ?! 🙂


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