Communication lost in rudeness

07 Mar

Sms. Email. Cell phone. Land line. Skype. There are countless ways one can get hold of one another.

Some conference organizers however, do not seem to be aware of this. They for instance neglect to tell conference delegates – and the media – about an occurred change of venue change. Not a train smash, but annoying nevertheless.

“Oh, but the media cannot attend the first day,” I was then told in a not-so-kind way. “Come back tomorrow.”

My question whether I could please get a programme to flip through was met with a brief  “No. Come fetch one this afternoon”, after which the woman in question focused her attention to some hotshot CEO in suit-and-tie.

I know (I have worked in event organizing for a while) that dealing with the press can be a tedious. But that does not mean you can revert to utter rudeness. It is that my client needs stories from this particular conference, otherwise I would have walked away.


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