Saying STUPID things bout Japan quake

11 Mar

To those of you who say stupid and insentive things about the Japan quake / tsunami,

Personally, the live footage from Japan – which was struck by a massive earthquake which led to a devastating tsunami – has left me baffled and speechless. The force with which Mother Nature ripped through this island nation – the third largest economy in the world – is absolutely astonishing.

It shows once again that we humans – with our over-developed brains, intelligence, and everything that we own – stand absolutely no chance what so ever and are left nowhere when our planet decides to flex her muscles.

With climate change intensifying, I am kind of scared for the future. The quake in Japan itself might not have been caused by global warming – and neither was the tsunami it triggered. The problem is, however, that rising sea water levels – which are a result of climate change – may possibly intensify the destruction of future earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters.

Back to Japan.  Some of you sem to think that Japan deserves this (Thanks Nick, for sharing this …) because of how some Japanese treats dolphins and other marine mammals. Fair enough: the country does not have a rosy track record with regards to this. But FFS! SHAME on you, bunch of eternal idiots!

No one in this entire world deserves this! And even if Japan did deserve it, which is certainly doesn’t: it is not only Japan that is being hit, dumbwits! How stupid are you actually?

Similar to the 2004 tsunami that struck South East Asia and left thousands and thousands people dead, this tsunami has an impact on the entire pacific region and way beyond that. Russia has for instance already evacuated 11.000 people from its Sahkalin island, and authorities of 20 countries have issued a Tsunami warning including Indonesia, Guatemala, Taiwan, The Philippines, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and the U.S. state of Hawaii (where a volcano is busy erupting, by the way).

May I kindly add that those refineries that have gone up in flames, the nuclear reactors that are on fire as we speak, and all the waste (cars, houses, debris, oil, etc) that has been unleashed onto Mother Nature is bad bad BAD news for dolphins and whales and every other mammal living in / near the ocean.

So do me and the rest of the planet a favour and THINK before you make stupid remarks!

Warm regards,



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One response to “Saying STUPID things bout Japan quake

  1. Dominique Logan

    March 11, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Mother nature has just one word for us : overpopulation will kill me.


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