A Bit of a Meh Moment

15 Oct

It has been a week and a bit since Mr Significant Other has packed his bags to spend an X number of months in Australia for work.

The time difference is an absolute killer, for starters. Eight fecking hours is quite a bitch of mammoth proportions. Besides that, he is incredibly busy with whatever he is doing over there, so there is not a lot of time to chat and catch up. I understand that completely. Work is work, and he is one of those people who throws himself at work. Which I think is admirable. I don’t know many people who are as driven as him.

Yesterday, however, we had a bit of a Meh Moment over Skype after I said I felt kind of cut off from him and his life over there. I am a communicator by trade and a master in multi-tasking. No matter how busy I am, I always find the time to send texts and what ever. Not everyone works that way, and I will have to accept that.

Anyway, he managed to explain how busy he has been over the past days. It had been literally working from 7am (his time) until God knows what silly time at night due to all sorts of functions, meetings and other work stuff.

I felt really shitty and a tad guilty afterwards. Oh, and stupid too.

Then again: lots (too much?) gets lost in translation when two people are separated by half a planet. You miss the subtleties. I am sure everyone who has bene in this situation can verify that.

I must add that that last week’s stupid Blackberry outage did not exactly help our cross continental communication flow. As a result, I am now exploring my options in iPhone land. The last thing I need is another piece of unreliable technology and communication equipment. I am already dealing with a crappy Telkom connection, shoddy Vodacom and other issues such as a faulty new Skype download which quits on you at any given time in a conversation. The joys of living in a developing country.

Anyway, I am not one of those women who expect their men to be available to Skype 2/7. I have got my work (journalism, writing my Grandfather’s World War 2 story, and other things)  and life too. But I can’t help missing My Person sometimes. And I am still a woman, after all – one that is sometimes struggling with the usual female insecurities.

I am 100% sure we will make through this Long Distance Relationship phase of our lives. This is not the end of the world (although that is exactly where he is at the moment 🙂 ) and luckily I will see him at the end of next month for an entire month. Looking forward to that. Very much so.


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3 responses to “A Bit of a Meh Moment

  1. Mark Goodwin

    October 15, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Ay it’s a bugger this bloody love thing!
    When I was pro musician my life was on the road, and when I met my now wife, the travel thing suddenly took a down turn! I didn’t want to be n Las Vegas or Australia while she was in London. And of course on top of everything she also had to work (a dancer). I remember one time coming back from a 4 week trip, we met at Heathrow airport because she was off to Holland to do a Pop TV show with the Hollies. When she returned I had already left for somewhere else! And all we had was snail mail and the landline telephone. But we made it! And that was in a business which is renown for its partnership splits.
    I have a lovely story to tell about Paul Newman which involves this very subject, but I think I will leave it until another day and post it on my blog.
    Chin up kiddo…we actually wrote every day! So every day when I was in Australia, when I awoke there was a letter or a card from the most important person in my life.

    Talking about the war recently? I just found a letter from my late father in law, it was in reply to one of mine and I must have said how much I was missing his daughter. He brought things into focus when he said, “I know exactly how you feel my son, when I went to fight for King and Country I was separated from my love for 5 years!”

    best wishes

    • Miriam Mannak

      October 16, 2011 at 8:04 am

      Thanks Mark, for sharing your story. It just sucks at the moment. I guess for me it is different as well, may life has stayed the same while he is doing all these new things. This freaking rugby world cup is not exactly helping either as he is working for a sports company. Meh. I am sure we will make it work, but some days are just really hard especially when he is so busy that there is no free moment to have a quite Skype check-in or something. The last time when he was overseas, things were a lot more chilled. Anyways, I guess I will have to just suck it up for the time being.
      Thanks again for being such a massive support, even though we never met. I hope your wife is okay, and that she is doing well? Send her my love. She sounds like an amazing person.

      • Mark Goodwin

        October 16, 2011 at 5:05 pm

        Thanks Mir, I will pass on your wishes. I was trying to remember the message swap you and I had and I was explaining to Ondrea about your current separation. She totally empathised and also said remember how bad it used to be for us?
        Also, my son Jozif the DJ Music Producer (You can Google him) is having similar probs with his partner Hannah. Joe is currently schlepping all over the place, in the last couple of months he as done, Russia, Croatia, Mexico, California, New York, Chicago, Rome and a residency in Ibiza. And poor little Hannah is (like you) a journalist, working freelance for the music press, working at home in London, just waiting for a call from her love!
        The trouble with being self-employed usually means that, if you are busy and earning you are away from your family. If you are home with the family cash can be in short supply!

        best wishes


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