Lesley Ann’s African Philosophy

17 Oct

As I said a few weeks ago: I am rather blessed with some amazingly talented friends who do some amazing things.

Take Lesley-Ann Erasmus. Apart from running her own PR company (LA Public Relations) she has developed a brand new range of hand-made bath goodies including yummy bath salts and ditto scrubs. Her range is called African Philosophy, and was launched last year just before the 2010 World Cup.

My favourite is her Neroli and Rosemary Body Scrub. I love the smell, the texture, and the way it buffs

The Scrubs of Lesley's African Philosophy range

and nourishes my (very, very dry) skin. The best thing is that the scrubs are made of all natural ingredients. So no nasty toxic bits! Yay!

Then there is Lesley’s Lavender, Clary Sage & Milk Bath Salt, which is inspired by no one else but … Mrs Cleopatra! This Egyptian Iron Lady – as the tale goes – sent hours soaking in a warm bath with fresh milk added to the water. Like the Scrubs, the African Philosophy Bath Salt range contains all natural ingredients and is hand-made.

Slowly but surely African Philosophy is finding its ways to outlets in Cape Town – which is awesome to see. Eventually, Lesley wants to expand even more. “One of my aims is to create eventually jobs for unemployed South Africans living on the Cape Flats. My products are all handmade, so there is plenty of potential.”

Two Thumbs up Les! A country tormented by unemployment needs more people like you!

If you are want to pamper yourself or someone else, you really should give Lesley – who is based in Cape Town’s CBD – a shout for an outlet near you (082 496 8683 /


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