My Clients

Me at work during 2010 World Cup

Over the past years, I have worked for several publications (newspapers, magazines, online, South Africa, Europe, United Arab Emirates, etc). My current client base includes the following publications:

Financieel Dagblad – The Dutch equivalent to the Financial Times. I am the newspaper’s South Africa correspondent (politics, finance, business, etc).
* I-Net Bridge / Business Live:I-Net Bridge is the leading South African provider of economic data, financial market data and corporate market intelligence. Business Live is i-Net’s news agency.
Mining Magazine: Publication by the South African Chamber of Mines
Mobility Magazine – South Africa’s prime magazine on transport.
Leadership Magazine – An award-winning South African magazine focusing on economics, finance, business and leadership.
Black Business Quarterly – South African business magazine, focusing on South African black entrepreneurs and enterprises.
Leadership and HIV – Leadership in HIV/AIDS provides insights into various aspects of the pandemic that the  corporate world and the individual should be looking at.
Energy Forecast –  South Africa’s premier energy magazine provides a comprehensive coverage of of exploration, development and innovation with regards to energy in Africa.
The Big Issue South Africa – An professional glossy magazine that aims to provide a brighter future to homeless and otherwise disadvantaged South Africans.
Global Connection – An international Magazine that caters for expats world wide
The Luxury List– An annual international travel guide catering for the discerning (and wealthy) traveler. I am the South Africa co-editor.
* In-flight magazine of Emirates – I have been providing both Portfolio and Open Skies with travel feature and business orientated stories since 2006.

I have also contributed to / done work for:

MergerMarket (Part of the Financial Times Group in the UK): Southern African correspondent
Inter Press Service – An international press agency that tells the story behind the story. Angle tends to be humanitarian, people-focused and revolving around development issues in the broadest sense of the word. – editor / photographer / translator / content writer of this trilingual travel magazine
Metro newspaper – news reporting and feature writing for a Dutch national daily
Cape Times – Reporter for this Cape Town based newspaper
Gazet van Antwerpen – Features and pictures on among other things Makana FA (Robben Island’s football club)
* Cape Community Newspapers – I did some freelance work (text and pics) for this chain of community newspapers in Cape Town
* Oryx Media – I wrote a few features for this media company
HWB Communications – I was involved in among other things press release writing
De Telegraaf – I was a news reporter (intern) for this Dutch daily newspaper
* Imagine Magazine – I provided photographs for this French environmental magazine
* International Trade Unions Confederation – I provided photographs for their annual report.

Please go to my Linked-In profile for a complete overview of what I have done with my pen and camera.


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