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Yesterday the African National Congress shoved a big fat middle finger in the face of democracy and all of those who died, bled, cried, fought and suffered for a free country with among other things a free press Look, I am not going to talk much about yesterday. By now pretty much everything has been said about the day that will go down in history as “Black Tuesday”. I have written two blogs about it, which you will find here and here. Here are some pictures though, to show you what went down in Cape Town yesterday. Enjoy. PS: If you for some reason like my pictures and want to use them for something, please don’t be a douche by ripping them off my blog. It would make you a thief as these are my images. So please ask first. 


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The ANC giveth, the ANC taketh it away

I woke up with an uneasy feeling in my stomach this morning. On November 22 1995, South Africa was celebrating the first draft of South Africa’s new constitution. A constitution incorporating rights like media freedom. Sixteen years later, it is Black Tuesday. This afternoon the South African Parliament will cast their votes for the Protection of Information Bill (POIB).

An “all thumbs up verdict” would mean a first step towards the dismantling of the precious democracy so many people fought and died for.

What a way to celebrate such memorable occasion.

The more I think about it, the more angry I get. In the process, a couple of tears have bitten the dust since my alarm clock went off at voetsek o’clock (I tend to do that when angry).

I have not done any work today. I just can’t put my head to it. The thought that these so-called freedom fighters of the ANC intend to bulldozer one of the four pillars of democracy – media freedom and access to information – makes me sick to my stomach.

What did not help, was a story in Beeld. The report stated that MPs will be forced to vote along party lines and that their votes will be checked. In other words, it is not only media freedom that will be given a firm kick in the groin.

The freedom to choose is facing a similar destiny. May I note that this practice is very common in dictatorships like Zimbabwe and ex-dictatorships such as Libya?

“Why should I bother, as I am not a journalist?” you ask. If you by now do not know how the Protection of Information Bill will affect you as a member of society, you must have been hibernating for the past two years.

Read this while you are at it. Steven Friedman sums it up rather well.


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Dutch Passport to Sell or Swap, as Good as New

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, someone or something always manages to make a point and test your patience. Successfully, of course. Today is such day. I am referring to The Netherlands in general and some right-wing racist Dip-Shit De Luxe in particular. His name is Martin Bosma, and he is a member of the right-wing PVV party (Freedom Party).

Martin Bosma about Apartheid. SMH

“It is a pity that The Dutch Left once helped the ANC to gain control over South Africa,” he was quoted by Het Parool (a newspaper which, thank Who Ever, is not right-wing).

First of all, I have to stress that The Netherlands did not do a great deal to free South Africa from the shackles of Apartheid. Yes, there were some demonstrations, boycotts and sanctions but that is about it, really. A guy with at least two university degrees and someone who is considered the party’s intellectual, should know that. Anyway.

What pisses me off beyond belief is Bosma’s warm and fuzzy feeling for “South Africa’s good old days” and the fact that people like him are tolerated within the ranks of government. Bosma, a former journalist (who has worked at CNN and other channels apparently), sits in the Dutch House of Representatives – so he is quite “Up There”. Did I mention he once called Hitler a socialist? Hm?

Bosma’s ridiculous statements are the cherry on top of what is going on in The Netherlands with regards to Mauro Manuel, an 18-year old Angolan boy who arrived in The Netherlands nearly 9 years ago. Now some dip-shits that call themselves politicians – including those on the PVV side – want to send this young man back “home”.

But what is home to this young man? After all, he left Angola when he was just ten years old. Angola, back then was a completely different country from now. When Mauro was put on a plane by his mother (he still does not know why she did that) the Civil war had just come to an end. Angola was in ruins after 26 years of warfare and far from pleasant for a young child (Read more about Mauro in my previous blog post. And while you do so, please sign this “Mauro has got to stay petition“. Over 50.000 people have signed so far! ).

Needless to say that I am rather pissed off with the situation in my country of birth at the moment. Oh yes, in my anger I have shed a few angry tears over the past few days! I am fire-spitting mad! This is not the country my late grand father and so many others fought for so goddamn hard! My beloved granddad would be twisting and turning in his grave if were aware of what is going in The Netherlands! (and with him, thousands of others).

In the meantime, I am contemplating auctioning off my passport on eBay if things are not improving.

“It is a pity that The Left once assisted the ANC gaining control over South Africa.”



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