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“Dress properly and rape will decline?” > WTF?

I won’t lie to you – the past week or two and in particularly the last few days, have been taxing. I never thought I would think about “what happened” this much ever again.

Last night, those memories (some of which I had even forgotten, I thought) made me cry – for the first time in ages. I have to thank Mark Gamanya (BTW: This individual should not be confused with Mark Gamanya from Professionals SA, who happens to be a great guy) for that. Thanks for telling the world how rape declines if women dress ‘properly’.

I am not in favour of naming and shaming. These are not the Middle Ages after all, in which people accused of God knows what are displayed in public. But in this case I am making an exception.

Mark, saying that a woman should pay the highest price when a man can’t control his lustful pecker and basically condoning criminal behavior is unforgivable.  Taking that aside – you have no idea what you are talking. Rape is not just about wanting to have sex or skimpy clothing. It is about power, the drive to subject others, to dominate, to feel powerful. Do you effing research before you single-handedly smack thousands and thousands of South African women in the face – as well as your fellow male counterparts.

The image below says it all.

The fact that you, on Twitter, claim to be a motivational speaker just … just baffles me. I am too afraid to think what you are trying to convince your audiences of.

Oh, and don’t you come with your ‘freedom of expression’ excuse. As a journalist, I am a genuine freedom of expression fan – but that Holy Principle has boundaries. You overstepped those.

PS: I was wearing jeans when it happened. Very improper attire indeed. 


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